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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>pam moore:breaking news tonight into our newsroom. four people are dead after a shooting in san francisco. police responded to page street between octavia street and laguna avenue around 10 tonight. police say all of the victims were men. and no suspects are in custody at this time. kron-4 has a crew headed to the scene. we will keep you updated as soon as we get more information. now at 11. the bay area is now less than an hour away. from a historic shutdown of the golden gate bridge. the iconic bridge is closing to undergo a safety upgrade. crews are installing a new
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moveable barrier. to help prevent head-on collisions. here's what an official said just hours ago about the shutdown >>: there will be a lot of activity with trucks bringing these huge pieces of barrier be unloaded by forklifts on the bridge and they have to be laid one end of the day tat another 3500 in total >>pam moore:they will not be completely installed until sunday. the chp is starting earlier 9 tonight reducing lines of traffic approaching the bridge.
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and, the bridge isnt scheduled to re-open until about four o'clock monday morning. in france three terrace card in france. three terrorists are dead. after two separate police raids today. police killed the two brothers suspected of carrying out the massacre on wednesday at the charlie heb-do magazine office.
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and one of their collaborators. and tonight - a new manhunt is underway - for a woman whom police say, was also involved in the death of a female police officer. sunlen serfaty reports. >>:fter the chaos of this seige at a kosher market in paris. french authorities quickly issue an alert for this woman, whom police say was involved in the murder of a female police officer thursday. tonight she is still on the run. moments earlier, three terrorists were killed in separate standoffs with police the first hostage standoff northeast of paris led to the killing of the brothers, suspects in the charlie hebdo massacre. a seige. only 28 miles away at that market in paris.this man.the suspect in thursday's shooting of a police woman was killed.along with four people. a police union spokesman says the three men were connected.all part of the same jihadist group. according to a western intelligence official, the older brother trained in yemen with al queda as late as 20-11. in the unted states -- the fbi and homeland security department issued a bulletin to law enforcement about the seriousness of the attack. noting the sophistication and training. president obama, speaking in knoxville today, says the world now sees again what terrorists stand for.
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>>:"they have nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering. and we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings >>:as night falls in paris.a nation gripped for days in fear. is trying to recover. in washington, i'm sunlen serfaty >>pam moore:some bay area muslims held a candlelight vigil tonight in san francisco. to mourn the victims in the paris attacks. kron four's jeff bush was there. and talked to local muslims who say, the violence is not in their name. >>jeff bush:local muslim men women, and children gathered at union square to show their grief over the tragic events in france this week. about two dozen showed up to say that violence is not what they believe in. >>:we wanted to come out to express our common solidarity and our sympathy for the loss of life and those who have suffered as a result of the circumstances that have taken place in paris. >>jeff bush:
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the group lit candles and spelled out the word peace in a show of support and mourn those who lost their lives this week. in addition to condeming the horror that took place in paris the group also wanted to use the event to address islamophobiaboth in america and abroad. >>:any time a terrorist attack occurs every muslim is like "oh no, don't let it be a muslim again. we are constantly trying to prove ourselves that we are americans and that we are from the bay area and we have normal lives just like everybody else. we work and go to school and we raise our kids in a peaceful manor just like everybody else. >>jeff bush:the group that held this vigil tonight is hoping there is no backlash against local muslims for what happened in paris. i'm jeff bush in san francisco kron four news. >>pam moore:tonight, u-s officials have issued a worlwide travel warning for americans. that's because of growing fears
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that more attacks. similar to the ones in paris could be on the way. u-c berkeley professor michael nacht says, future attacks could be a possibility. two of the three men involved in the france terror attacks. had known ties to al qaeda. and he says, al qaeda has always expressed interest in attacking the u-s. he warns. the recent events could inspire others. >>: if they could wreak havoc in any city that would be a success to them. and this will lead to a substantial bond up in recruitment involved in the paris attacks claimed to have ties to isis. but professor nacht says the main focus for ' isis' right now, is on gaining control of territories in the middle east. stay with kron 4 and kron 4 dot com. for the latest developments involving the terror attack in france. you can get the latest news anytime. with our free kron 4 mobile app. one person is dead after being
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pinned under an overturned truck in santa clara county. the truck flipped on its side on railroad tracks in san martin. around 1- this afternoon. the driver was trapped under the truck and died shortly after the crash. the c-h-p is still investigating the cause of the accident. coming up. warriors star steph curry makes a wish come true for a sick 8- year old boy. plus. a beloved south bay veteran. has passed away. we look back at his impact on the local community. and next. what biologists think happened to a small whale. that washed ashore in the north bay.
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>>pam moore:the pygmy sperm whale that washed ashore in marin county yesterday. has died. officials at the marine mammal center say, the whale was dead when they arrived at the beach today. biologists say, the whale appears to have been sick. tests will be performed to figure out what was wrong with the animal.
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new information on that skull that was discovered yesterday near 7th and castro in oakland. an anthropologist with the alameda coronors office says it appears to be that of a native american. officials made that determination based on studying the teeth. the corner's office says, the case is now closed. president obama making a bold tuition for community college. details ahead. and next. warriors all-star steph curry gives some of his biggest fans memories to last a lifetime. kron-4 was there for their special day. >>gary radnich: the warriors will handle cleveland and we will have all the details of the head >>jacqueline bennett: and other spare the error a lawyer with no
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>>pam moore:a big day for some bay area children. kron 4's annie andersen shows us how a star player with the golden state warriors. is helping to make their wish come true. >>annie anderson: this a year- old fan is the warrior through
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and through. he is one of four kids who got to practice with stephen curry. if this is the second time that stephen curry has held the make a wish foundation. >>: we've always tried to teach them that he can do anything and to be able to do something like this is everything he's ever wanted. >>annie anderson: stephen curry decided to really engage in this make a wish foundation project.
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>>pam moore: president barack obama is making a bold proposal. which he says, could impact nine- million americans. he wants to make community college. free. the plan would require students to have a mentor complete eight- hours of community service per term, and maintain a 2-point-0 grade point average. both the federal government and the states would pay for the program. the white house says, the plan could save an average full time student up to 38- hundred dollars a year. today. bay area students and administrators voiced support for the plan. at san jose city college no fewer than 80- percent of students qualify as low income. they say, the notion that they might not have to choose between groceries and fees or buying a new textbook. is huge. the chancellor of the evergreen community college district says, the proposal for free tuition for kids from needy families. is a no brainer. >>: data and reports and studies show with the return on
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investment is for every $1 of education. it will change a life for the student and his income and his lifestyle and what he can contribute to society. including that he will not be burned to social services. >>pam moore:the plan would only apply to schools which offer credit toward a four- year degree or job training. >>jacqueline bennett: temperatures were in the '60s and it was pretty mild and it could stay that way tomorrow although will be a few degrees cooler. it will be mild in the '40's overnight with temperatures in the low 60s and the upper 50s tomorrow. on sunday we have a chance for drizzle because of seabury's winds.
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it will be in the '40's and upper 40's almost everywhere around the bay area. that afternoon will bring us up the fifties and low 60s. here's a look a satellite and radar picture you can see clouds moving over the bay area and now and you can see mostly cloudy skies. all the rain this they will to the south of us. you can see well-defined storm over the waters and will have far north of us. into sunday morning uc showers approaching but most of it will miss the bus to the north.
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we could see drizzle sunday and monday because the sea breeze when to pick up. >>pam >>pam moore:and a sad story to share tonight: a san jose veteran who became an internet celebrity last year. has died. 95-year-old. world war two veteran -- joe bell -- died on thursday. his family says, his heart finally gave out. bell became famous after he put on his military uniform and started cheering on runners. as they passed his home. in the video. racers started running out of their way. in order to shake bell's hand. it was a touching tribute between athletes and hero. we know joe bell will be missed. >>: we specialize in french perishable food even ice-cream >>: they do it seven days a week
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good gary
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>>gary radnich: where fans will have a big clash tonight >>: i appreciate that it's easy for that when we get on top >>gary radnich: bottom line players loved him and the owner did not but the former golden state warrior coach is now an espn caster. klay thompson and draymond green did great as usual. this is a
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warrior party every night. only lebron james has more all- star votes than stephen curry. golden state completes a perfect six and a whole record at home with 14 straight wins at home over all. stay here sunday for jason apple bowman bip roberts. womens hoops - stanford/washington tara vanderveer a tight game in seattle 1:10 left stanford up 2
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amber orrange great drive to basket and floater 57-53 stanford 27 seconds left 57-55 stanford lili thompson banks in the 3- pointer to beat the shot clock 60-55 stanford final: 60-56 stanford womens hoops - cal/washington state cal's dymanic duo ranshanda gray and brittany boyd dubbed "cornflakes and milk" 2nd half boyd nice drive and dish to gray for the lay-up boyd hits the step-back jumper final: 70-62 bears you know the story in miami of the player who was getting bullied. jaycees rock nation will be the new a supporter of this boxer who was an olympic gold medalist
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and is looking for a national title. j c is probably promising him a lot of things as he is in the show business >>pam moore:in multiple homicide in san francisco tonight >>jeff bush: we just got here a short time ago where the shooting happened. what we do know is that there are four men dead in the streets. the police were going down the street with their flashlights looking for all sorts of evidence.
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each one of the intersections around here for one block in every direction there is a parameter here securing the area. why can tell you is what i had seen which is that police are looking for a lot of information. no suspect has been arrested or identified bottom line for gunshot victims here on page 3. do not come around this area and is not a good place to be right now though things have calmed down while the investigation continues. >>pam moore:we will have the latest details on the the kron 4 news saturday morning newsthat's it for the kron 4 news at 11.
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stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow
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the day the world stood still. >> breaking news out of paris. >> appears to have been shots fired. >> the extraordinary live tv moments. >> a lot of automatic gunfire. >> and american students in paris. what they saw. then, he said what? >> you won't believe what embattled bill cosby just said on stage. >> as a heckly caller tries to top the show. then, the fed ex guy caught on tape. hey, those aren't his puppies! then, the former dolphins football star who fell off his boat. >> swimming alone in the open sea for nine


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